5 Rafale Aircrafts officially Joined Indian Air Force (IAF): 10 september 2020

5 Rafale Aircrafts officially Joined Indian Air Force (IAF) :

5 Rafale Aircrafts officially Joined Indian Air Force (IAF) :

 Rafale combat jets which will reach the Ambala air base Wednesday, after flying about 7,000 km from France, are the primary foreign induction by the Indian Air Force (IAF) in 23 years into its mind-boggling inventory of fighters.

Known as the 4.5 generation aircraft, the Rafale is taken into account to be one among the best fighters within the world and is described as an ‘omnirole’ aircraft which will take up several missions on one flight.

With its avionics, radars and weapon systems, the Rafale is that the most potent aircraft in South Asia, much before the F-16s that Pakistan uses or maybe the JF-20, the 5th generation aircraft of China, which is yet to ascertain combat.

5 Rafale Aircrafts officially Joined Indian Air Force (IAF) :
5 Rafale Aircrafts officially Joined Indian Air Force (IAF) :

How country have Rafale Aircrafts:

Rafale are combat-proven having been inducted into conflicts in Afghanistan, Mali, Libya, Iraq and Syria.

More information:

While India had ordered 36 Rafale fighters in 2016, the numbers are just too small for the IAF.

Even though the IAF is meant to return out with a Medium Multi Role Combat Aircraft (MMRCA) 2.0 for 114 fighters, work thereon has been rather slow with a proper tender yet to be issued.

In between of these , talks of additional 36 Rafale fighters are doing the rounds for long within the defence corridors.

Rafale is 7th type of  fighter in our Indian Inventory :

The Rafale also will have 13 Indian specific enhancements, all of which can be integrated once the complete delivery is completed by 2022.

These enhancements include Israeli helmet-mounted display, ability to start out in very cold and high altitude areas like Leh, among others.

The first Rafale, with tail number RB 001, which was handed over in France in October last year, are going to be the last one to arrive in India since all tests and integration would be tried out thereon .

‘RB’ on the trainer aircraft’s tail stands for the initials of Air Chief Marshal Rakesh Bhadauria, the IAF chief. it’s a tribute to Bhadauria for understanding the Rafale deal because the force’s deputy chief earlier.

The single-seater comes with initials of BS, which stands for former IAF chief Air Chief Marshal B.S. Dhanoa.
Rafale to be 7th sort of fighter in Indian inventory.

The Rafale are going to be the 7th addition to the kinds of fighters that the IAF has — a feat very unique to the force as compared to major air forces within the world.

It was in 2001 that the IAF had first moved a proposal to shop for MMRCA — that Rafales were eventually selected in 2012.

5 Rafale Aircrafts officially Joined Indian Air Force (IAF) :
5 Rafale Aircrafts officially Joined Indian Air Force (IAF) :

The IAF was keen on buying the Mirage 2000s and its French maker, Dassault Aviation, had offered to shift the production line of aircraft from France to India.

It had, at the time, decided to pack up the aircraft line to pave way for the Rafale fighter jets.

But the Indian bureaucratic system delayed a proper decision within the matter and, in 2004, it had been decided to float a worldwide tender for the MMRCA instead of manufacture the Mirage 2000.

It was only in 2007 that a worldwide Request for Proposal was issued, during which Rafale emerged because the winner in 2012.

PM Narendra Modi bang the deal for 36 Rafale:

Even though Dassault Aviation, the manufacturer of Rafale, was shortlisted because the lowest bidder after having cleared all technical requirements along side the Eurofighter Typhoon, the negotiations went nowhere.

The entire deal was stuck at pricing point as state-run Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), which was to manufacture the aircraft locally, quoted 2.57 times more man-hours to create the fighter jets.

5 Rafale Aircrafts officially Joined Indian Air Force (IAF) :

This meant the worth of every aircraft was arising to be much above what the French had quoted.

Also, the French refused to require guarantee for aircraft manufactured by HAL.

Another issue was that the quotes by Dassault Aviation didn’t carry all costs of the aircraft as against the Eurofighter, which had included the value of even armaments.

By the time the Narendra Modi government came to power in 2014, negotiations for MMRCA were cursed with no headway.

ThePrint has learnt that it had been in January 2015 that India first approached the French side to understand if a government-to-government deal might be figured out for a smaller number of planes that might be bought off the shelf.

Hectic talks soon happened between the 2 governments and Dassault Aviation.

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi travelled to Paris in April 2015, he announced a mega decide to buy 36 Rafale jets in fly-away conditions. It took on the brink of 18 months for the deal to be finally sealed.

Rafale Aircarft Capacity:

With a variety of three ,700 km, Rafale comes with its 10-tonne empty weight. it’s fitted with 14 hard points. Five of those hard points are capable of drop tanks and heavy ordnance.

Total external load capacity is 9.5 tonnes, which suggests that the Rafale can lift the equivalent of its own empty weight in payloads.

The maximum begin weight is 24.5 tonnes and therefore the fighter can carry 4.7 tonnes of internal fuel and up to six .6 tonnes external.

With a maximum speed of nearly twice the speed of sound, the landing ground run is 450 metres without drag-chute.


 Rafale  is real game-changers

The biggest force-enabler for the IAF is that the weapon-carrying capability of the Rafale, which may be tuned for delivering nuclear weapons too.

The game-changing missile on-board the Rafale is that the over Rs 20-crore worth Meteor missile .

Manufactured by European firm MBDA, the Meteor may be a long-range rocket and ram-jet powered, and its integration into the Rafale weapon brings a few paradigm shift in air-to-air affairs since it’s a variety of over 150 km with a zero escape kill distance of 120 km.

It means an Indian Rafale jet are going to be ready to shoot down an enemy aircraft, albeit over 100 km away, without even crossing the Indian air space.

Neither Pakistan nor China possess a weapon as deadly because the Meteor.


Another key missile on-board the Rafale is that the over Rs 40-crore worth Scalp long-range air-to-ground stand-off aircraft .

Weighing 1,300 kg, the 5.1 metre-long Scalp are often carried in either one missile or two missiles configuration on the Rafale.

The missile features a 600-km range and is understood for its precision. The Rafale won’t need to cross the Indian airspace to hit a target that’s about 600 km in enemy territory.

It is a strategic weapon which will be utilized in penetration, impact or airburst modes, and may even strike deep even in anti-access and area-denial scenarios.

In a bid to deploy the new Rafale aircraft quickly amid tensions with China, the IAF has opted for the French HAMMER air-to-ground precision-guided weapon under emergency procurement.

The IAF had reject air ed this technique eight years ago in favour of the Israeli Spice 2000 utilized in the Balakot air strikes in 2019.

HAMMER, which stands for Highly Agile and Manoeuvrable Munition Extended Range, costing nearly Rs one crore, consists of a guidance kit and a variety extension kit fitted on standard bombs of various makes.

Price of Rafale

The price of Rafale Air crafts for is around Rs.59000 cr. France provide us these 36 Aircrafts and among them 5 air plane officially included in IAF.










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